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Lightspeed - By Justin Miller - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD


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Impromptu magic tricks are some of the strongest magic tricks you can perform for any audience, using borrowed items immediately says that there are no smoke or mirrors involved.

LIGHT SPEED has taken Justin miller over 5 years to perfect. It is visual and undeniable magic! Your audience will love watching it nearly as much as you love performing it!

Here are a few pointers that make Lightspeed by Justin Miller so great

  • It is not a card magic trick!
  • It is visual
  • It uses borrowed items that people notice immediately
  • It is easy to perform
  • it is multiphase so you can perform as much or as little of the routine as you like!

Justin Millerhas been kind enough to include 3 bonus effects to this project giving you even more bang for your buck!

BONUS Magic Tricks  #1- Imagine having the ring on the band whilst it is on the spectator's wrist and then plucking it visibly off the band only to melt it back on!

BONUS Magic Tricks #2- Justin Miller teaches an insanely visual way to pluck and vanish the spectator's ring!

BONUS Magic Tricks #3- God's breath. This is a visual way to remove the spectator's ring from a tied rubber band, and then just as quick spit it back on to the band! Justin Miller shows you how to do this with no cover whatsoever!

This video download will teach you everything you need to know and runs for nearly 50 minutes.

Some other points to remember about LIGHT SPEED by Justin Miller:

  • No gimmicks!
  • No set-up!
  • 100% Impromptu!
  • MAGIC!

--You provide your own rubber band and ring (or borrow them!)--

-- LIGHT SPEED is a MUTI-PHASE magic trick, you do not like one phase? You have the option to take it out and STILL make it a brilliant magic trick--



"Light speed completely fooled me. And then it fooled me again. Finally a multiple phase ring and rubber band routine that I'll actually use. Well done Justin Miller! "-Peter Mckinnon-

"Wait! What? dude WTF just happened?" -Adam Wilber-

"You never cease to amaze me. Beautiful routine and perfect for when a rubber band breaks. Now I have some ideas as to what to do when one breaks, instead of just disposing of the broken band! Great job!" -Allec-

"I love the the melt/vanish! I watched that part like 3 times and it still blows me away! Well that answers my question... my question being... Has Justin Miller done it again? Damn straight he has!" -Mystic-