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Legend - By Justin Miller - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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"We, who take card magic seriously, have always striven to reach the holy grail. A card is placed faced-down, spectator names a freely chosen card, card is turned over to reveal the freely chosen card...any one who can do that is considered a Legend!" 

"Legend is one of the most amazing gimmicks/effects I have ever used! Definitely one of those "why the f£*k didn't I think of that" moments, Nice work man! Legend: the only effect that's gotten me a booking on my first performance of it, it really is that good." - Brad Turner


Legend in NO WAY is a one trick is just ONE of the thousand ways to use your Legend gimmick...   

"Legend has to be the BEST think of a of card ever to come to the magic world! Not only can Legend accomplish this but it can be used to create miracles with whatever your imagination conjures . When you see the gimmick you will Love it, Your spectators will scream in amazement, and YOU will be the next Legend! Thanks for knocking this one out on your own JM - YOU ARE A LEGEND!!! - Richard K


'I was not expecting it to be that cool, clean or workable! good work man!!' -Steven Harris



Effect : A deck of cards is shuffled and you tell your audience that you are going to offer them better than Vegas odds! Your going to put up the money and they don't have to put up anything..the kicker is you put up £20 cash, that if you cant get their card in one chance, they get to keep the money free and clear!

You take a £20 note out of your wallet, and you place it on the table. You then ask then to think of any playing card jokers included (if they want), You slowly take one card face-down out of the deck (non-gimmick-ed) and the £20 note and place both items in the card case and close it up. You then ask them to hold onto the case..and remind them about what has taken place. The moment comes to open the box and ( remember these points ) only 1 card and 1 note is inside the case, they can examine the box to their hearts content, the card is not gimmick-ed, the note is not gimmick-ed, the card IS the freely thought of card! You get to keep your money and you become a legend in their life and to everyone they know.

Above is a detailed description of the original legend effect. But Legend is sooo much more than just that. In this download I will teach you:

  • What is the Legend gimmick?
  • How to prepare your gimmick and box
  • How to store your Legend gimmick
  • The original Legend routine and all the ins and outs
  • A SUPER EASY and VISUAL 2 card SIGNED transpo
  • A  in their hands, SIGNED,BORROWED bill, and SIGNED , VISUAL , card transpo
  • A in their hands torn and restored  card transpo
  • BONUS IDEA : using the gimmick to switch items CLEANLY inside the box

Please Note: This Video Download contains some strong language that some viewers may find offensive.
Video Download suitable for PC and Mac, iPhone and iPad