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Hopper by Justin Miller - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD


Availability: Instant delivery


Hopper - The new full card magic routine from JM!

Hopper is a fully routinedmulti-phase magic trick that becomes more impossible with each phase!


Join JM as he teaches you the ins and outs of how to cement the magic in the mind of the spectator and to really shine through as an EXCELLENT magician.

Within this instant video download JM will teach you:

  • Audience management!
  • TRUE misdirection!
  • How to flow between two effects!
  • Effect routining!
  • And sooooo much more... not to mention the magic trick itself that is perfect for any working magician.
The video download lasts just over 45 mins and is choc full of solid, direct teaching.
So what are you waiting for? Get Hopper NOW!


"lots of beauty and joy there...for those who dedicate themselves" -Anonymous-

"WTF did you just do??????????????????? I've been doing card magic since the 60's. It's like your not from this planet, or came from the future. I'm no fan boy and don't get impressed easily, but I can't believe what I just saw." -Zombie Magic-


" I've performed The classic Paul Harris Grasshopper for years and made my own ending for it. there's JM's Hopper. What a wonderfully well thought routine. With me being partial to close up work I couldn't wait to use it after my purchase. After using it last night at my gig, the reaction's were pure astonishment!" -Skott Hughes-