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FREE shipping for orders over £40

The Bottled EP by John Shack - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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With The Bottled EP you will learn Three Super Visual ways to cause a coin or bottle cap to impossibly pass through the bottle perfect for the real world or Instagram!
Use just about ANY coin from ANYWHERE in the world.

Starbuckks - A 10p coin passes through a GLASS Starbucks bottle at the fingertips in FULL VIEW with No Cover AND Can be performed COMPLETELY SURROUNDED. The method can be applied to many different types of bottles allowing you to do this effect in almost any situation!

Splash - A signed coin is THROWN into a FULL bottle of water. 

Commando CIB - This is an anytime-anywhere style Cap in bottle, You can set this bad boy up in under a minute, No tools or special gimmicks required! Give them away they will keep them forever with that cap inside!