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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Ghost Bottle



The classic Milk Pitcher or Milk Glass reinvented!

The Ghost Bottle is a prop Cola bottle that will allow you to show a whole bottle of cola and then pour some of the liquid out only to have that liquid vanish from its receptacle. Your can pour the liquid into anything opaque, a rolled up newspaper cone, a hat or even your ear! You could even place a straw into your mouth and suck air through it, as you do this the bottle's liquid will visibly vanish as if being drunk by the straw!

The Ghost bottle is a self-contained, completely gimmicked real coke bottle.

Perfect for stage or parlour magic.

It can be learned and performed in seconds.

It does all of the miracles, you just watch!

PLEASE NOTE: This bottle is made from a real 20oz Coca Cola bottle, these bottles are primarily available in the US.