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FREE shipping for orders over £40

How to Do Street Magic DVD - By Ellusionist



This DVD has been an unparalleled best seller for many years and there is no surprise as to why.

How to do Magic is specifically here to help turn you into a magician and to do it fast! There is no reason why you will not be able to watch this DVD and be amazing people within hours!

You will learn some reality altering tricks, some sleight of hand techniques and also some of the best kept secrets that have kept the magic community mysterious for centuries.

Learn to perform mind warping card effects, how to levitate a bank note, how to levitate YOURSELF and more! Not only this but there is tonnes of advice, Brad Christian not only helps to explain why an illusion works in the spectator's mind but he also teaches the elusive question of why. Psychology and timing, using words effectively to gain results, this is a step by step tutorial to get you up to speed quickly!

Why wait to become amazing?