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The Clarity Box by David Regal



The Clarity Box has just raised the stakes for Signed Card to Impossible Location!

David Regal has touched upon something so direct, so impossible and so beatifully crafted that it is hard to find anything wrong with it! David recently showed his new invention, The Clarity Box at The Magic Castle. Instantly it caught the eye of EVERY magician in the room and instantly EVERY magician in the room knew they had to have it! They kept coming back to see 'that moment' again and again. The moment we are talking about is when a folded card that has been on display in a CLEAR BOX, IN FULL VIEW the whole time is tipped out to show it is the spectator's signed, selected playing card!It takes the Impossible Location plot to a new level!

The Clarity Box is a clear box that can house a number of small items. You can use playing cards, bank notes, billets, folded business cards, it truly is a great utility prop.

There is no cover with the Clarity Box, this is why it is called the Clarity Box, nothing is hidden, the effect is clear and direct. It is a variation of Bruno Hennig's classic card-to-canister effect and the variation is that the item is in FULL VIEW the whole time, from the beginning of your routine, right up to when it is spilled from the box, the folded card NEVER leaves the spectator's view.

The Clarity Box has been made with love and affection, each box is custom built from thick clear acrylic and would not look out of place in a museum!

  • The Clarity Box is practical. Its base measures only 2×2.5 inches - place it anywhere. And it resets in a second.
  • The Clarity Box is customizable. Use supplied design ideas or make up your own.
  • The Clarity Box is simple. You will enjoy watching yourself demonstrate it in front of the mirror... and be amazed.

Contains: One custom-made Clarity Box, folded card gimmick, extra blank gimmick (for customization), art for design options, instructional DVD.