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Introduction to Contact Juggling for Magicians by Steve Wilson - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD


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Contact Juggling, when performed well is absolutely mesmerising. Steve Wilson understands this very well and is a professional who earns his living form performing contact juggling and magic. With a career so far lasting over a decade and after thousands of performances Steve has decided to share some important information regarding Contact Juggling such as caring for your contact balls, routine advice, safety and buying advice to make sure you get the right ball for you. In addition to this he will teach four staples of his routines that he feels are the closest moves relating to magic, enabling you to segue from a magic performance into a contact juggling performance.

Clearly filmed and expertly taught these techniques will get you up and running very quickly so you can add some great contact juggling moves to your performances.

The Topics Covered are:

How not to burn down your house
The Enigma
Thumb Grip
Corner Isolation
Palm Circle
Example Routine
Buying Advice
Care and Maintenance


This is an instant video download that you will have access to download once purchased.