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FREE shipping for orders over £30

Triple Exposure by Wayne Dobson



Triple Exposure by Wayne Dobson in association with Alan Wong

Triple Exposure offers three commercial, funny routines relying upon a clever Dobbo variation on his mentor Roy Johnson's switch frame, that Roy designed specifically for Vic Pinto's wonderful Society of International Magicians routine that was all the rage in the mid-1970's. Roy didn't ever put the principle into print as far as we know, although it has been copied over the years. Wayne calls it 'The No-Switch Switch Envelope'.

In addition to the simple-but-devilish switch envelope Wayne shares THREE highly commercial routines that employ it: - a version of Ken Brooke's modern classic Baby Gag; - a revisit of his X-Posed routine Wayne marketed some time ago, - and his laugh-out-loud Clown Gag interactive routine.

You receive the plastic No-Switch Switch frame, custom color printed cards and gimmicks, and Wayne's three original fully scripted routines.