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The Little Secret Gimmick



"I have this little device on me everywhere I go. It's pinned to the inside of my coat or jacket, ready to go whenever I need it. It's a brilliant bit of kit that means I can instantly freak out anyone at any time. The 'grabber' is genius and has so many uses; it's a whole magic act always with me... Highly recommended" - J Branford

Ever find yourself out and about and need to do some amazing magic on the fly? This is a wonderful gimmick that is always with you. The Little Secret Gimmick is a small, secret magnetic pull device which will allow you to perform incredible effects. A coin on the palm of your hand amazingly vanishes by simply passing your other hand over it.

No sleight of hand is needed. Your little secret does the work for you.

A 10p coin instantly changes into a £2 coin with just a pass of your hand. (Works with any coins or small objects that can be attracted by a strong magnet.)

A ring stays magically suspended to another one and can even be spun around in this position.

A real solid nail appears to be bent just by squeezing it in your fist.

And many more...

The changes and disappearances happen in an instant, and the extraordinary thing is that the hands each time are totally "clean".

We include metal rings to use with your little secret gimmick. These rings are one of the favourite tricks the magicians at MoM perform behind the shop counter. We pretend it's static from rubbing our foot on the floor that makes the rings bond together... But really, it's our little secret...