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The Tunnel by Artisan Coin



The Coin Penetration Tube is a classic coin magic prop. It consists of two metal or wooden cylinders that can be snapped together and split apart, with a playing card or metal plate in between them. The magic happens when a coin is placed in one end of the tube and passes through to the other end. The beauty of this prop is that it does not require any complicated sleights or techniques.

Over time, the availability of high-quality versions has become scarce. Many plastic and poorly designed versions have caused magicians to lose interest in performing with this prop. To bring back the excitement and magic of the traditional coin penetration effect, Jay Wang and Jimmy Fan have collaborated to bring you The Tunnel by Artisan Coin.

Lenz's Law Routine

You bring out two brass tubes with wooden exteriors and a magnet and ask your audience if they are familiar with Lenz's Law. You then demonstrate this fascinating physical phenomenon by dropping the magnet through the brass tubes. As it falls, the speed of the magnet slows down, creating an almost slow-motion effect. You explain that this is a result of electromagnetic induction, but what makes this demonstration truly magical is the fact that the space inside the brass tube is distorted.

The Tunnel is a routine that combines the classic coin penetration effect with the physical phenomenon of Lenz's Law. This not only logically creates the "reasonableness" of the magic effect but also enhances the overall magical experience, making it more captivating. Our goal was to create a routine that is not just a magic trick but also a memorable and complete performance.

We have put a lot of thought and effort into the design of The Tunnel, from the stunning wooden exterior to the combination of brass and wood. After multiple iterations and revisions, the current version of The Tunnel is a high-quality, collectible item that is both elegant and functional.

The inner tube is made of 3mm thick brass, which maximizes the deceleration effect of Lenz's Law without compromising the aesthetics or stability of the brass-wood combination. The exterior is fully encased in high-grade rosewood, and each set has its own unique wood grain and color, adding to its high-end appeal.

  • A classic effect with a fresh presentation
  • 3mm thick brass inner tube fully encased in high-grade red rosewood, making it a beautiful and collectible-quality prop
  • Magnetic connector design ensures your coins stay securely in place, and it can also hold playing cards or plastic cards (bank/credit cards with magnetic strips are not recommended, as they may be damaged)
  • Can be handed out for examination
  • Almost no sleight of hand required, as the prop does 99% of the work for you
  • Uses four regular half dollars, sized at approximately 29mm-30mm in diameter (coins are not included)
  • Includes a detailed online instructional tutorial, covering both the coin penetration routine and the full Lenz's Law routine.
Please be aware that the Tunnel set does not include the neodymium magnet used in Lenz's Law Routine due to shipping restrictions. However, this does not affect the basic coin penetration routine's performance.

If you would like to obtain the neodymium magnet separately, you will need a cylinder magnet with the following dimensions:
  • Height: 20mm
  • Diameter: 30mm
You can easily find a variety of cylinder magnets by doing a quick online search.