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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Complete Morgan Dollar Coin Magic Set



Have you looked at a coin set and thought "I'd love to have that, but can I justify £500 for some coins?" 

Well now you can get these amazing replica Morgan Dollars with not only an Expanded shell but also a Slippery Sam for a fraction of the cost. These coins look and feel like Morgan Dollars. They are weighted perfectly and their finish is amazing. 

Included in this set you get:

  • 4 matching Replica Morgan Dollars
  • 1 Replica Expanded Morgan Dollar Shell
  • 1 Replica Morgan Dollar Magnetic Slippery Sam Shell

The expanded shell is made to fit snugly over any of the coins included with less than 0.5mm visible of the nested coin. The Slippery Sam will also fit over any of the coins perfectly meaning you don't need to worry about loading the shells onto any particular coin. They all work!

With a really good, well made set of coins you get the confidence to perform better magic. A craftsman is only ever as good as their tools, and these tools are fantastic!

Perform your favourite routines:

3 Fly

Coins Across

Coin through table

Coin under watch

Coin on shoulder


Coin in glass

and many, many more...