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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Hercules Coin Bender - By Jimmy Strange



Hercules is no longer a myth!

The worlds most powerful coin bender... hidden in plain sight


Most magicians and mentalists have their favourite way of performing the coin bend. It's a classic across all branches of magic.

Traditionally, magicians have used large pre-show devices, others go for hidden methods so they can bend a coin right amongst the spectators.

Every method seems to have it's compromises...



Strength of Bend Vs. Camouflage..  

That's why Hercules was developed.   


Jimmy Strange wanted to be able to bend any coin, even UK £1 coins that were thought to be impossible for a coin bending routine. He committed himself to ending that myth, by creating the worlds strongest coin bender, hidden in plain sight. Hercules was the result, and it takes things even further than anyone thought..


With Hercules, you can bend two coins at once, right in front of spectators. 


The Hercules Coin Bender... Right in front of their eyes, you can warp multiple signed coins, instantly... There's never been anything like this before...


POPULAR ITEM: Hercules is hand made and due to demand, currently has a waiting list of around 3 weeks. Order now to secure your place in the list, your set will automatically dispatch to you as soon as it is ready. Orders are being processed in the order of receipt.