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By John-Webb Carter, and performed on TV by Magician Troy

This magic trick is VERY powerful for spectators to experience. It's THEIR borrowed and signed coin! It's THEIR selected and signed card! It happens RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR EYES!

On the table is a deck of cards, a coin, a pen and a knife. The magician asks one of his spectators to select one of the cards and to sign its face. The card is then replaced back into the deck which is then shuffled and put onto the table. Now the magician picks up the coin and allows the spectator to sign it, while he explains that he will not find the card but the coin will. He picks up the deck and taps the coin on top of the deck. It’s gone! The magician goes through the deck and finds the card, however there is no sign of the coin whatsoever. That is, until the magician picks up the knife and slices across the front of the card which reveals the coin in between the three layers of card and yes - it’s the signed coin! Finally the card is torn in half to prove that there are no extra coins.

Questions & Answers about C2C :-

Are duplicate cards or coins involved?
NO. You only use the card the spectator selects and signs. You can even borrow a coin from the spectator to do this effect!

Can the coin and card can be kept as a souvenir?
YES! We recommend it! When a spectator takes the card out of their wallet or purse and describes to their friends how the signed coin was actually buried INSIDE the signed card, it's a great advert for your services and magic!

Do I need to switch in gimmicked props?
NO! You really use the card and coin they signed!

Is the coin really inside the card or is it just an optical illusion?
It's really inside and is cut out with a pocket knife or the card ripped open to release it. They can feel the coin in the card before it is cut open!

Is C2C repeatable?
Yes! You destroy one playing card each time you perform this effect but that is the only additional expense to perform this killer effect. You can use any standard deck of playing cards for this effect, although we recommend Bicycle Playing Cards also sold here.

A few moments before, they were holding both items then WHAM! The coin is GONE and really does become impossibly buried INSIDE the spectators signed playing card!

Impossible? Not any more! John-Webb Carter teaches you his technique in detail. With photo illustrated instructions C2C is easy to perform and so strong for audiences that we are sure you will be using it as the closer in your close-up card or coin act!

When I received this I knew I had something special on my hands.

I should say first of all that this is a very, very cool trick. I am talking from the perspective of working in the real world for real people. If you buy tricks just because you want to learn a brand new sleight - you are looking in the wrong place. But if you want a good solid piece of magic then you are looking in the right place!

The effect is truly unique, something that is lacking in a lot of magic effects these days. The image of a coin being ripped from the playing card is very powerful and spectators just cannot imagine how their coin got into their signed card. Probably the two best things about this trick are that it is very easy to perform (a routine that looks as good as this SHOULD NOT be this easy!) and completely angle proof. The routine can be done completely surrounded (in fact I was at a gig on Sunday when I had about 25 people all around me and this routine was no problem at all).

Yes this routine does use a gimmick which some could say is a down side, but this is the good thing - the gimmick can be in the deck for as long as you want and nobody will EVER spot it. They can freely handle just the cards and still will not be able to spot anything. In one instance I was doing a different effect and it involved a spectator picking a card - they actually picked one with the C2C gimmick. However, I went through the whole trick and nobody even knew thats how clever the gimmick is. You will destroy one gimmick every time the routine is performed, however, the booklet tells you how to make as many of these as you want. It took me a couple of hours to learn how to make a gimmick properly, but now I can make up a gimmick in a little over a minute. You DO NOT need to know how to split cards. This is a different skill that can be learnt very easy. I know Dominic at the Merchant of Magic learnt how to make these gimmicks in just a few minutes (which means he could possibly be super human but I have no solid proof!) but for the average person I would say an hour or two at the most.

When you have learnt how to make this effect you will have a killer routine that is a true reputation maker. When you pull that coin out that card people just FREAK and cannot understand how that can happen. On Thursday I made about 80 of these gimmicks and by the end of Sunday I had used them all. I tell you this so you understand that this review is from the perspective of someone who has performed this A LOT in the real world - not someone that has brought it and played around with it in their bedroom. It is honestly a real worker and will work just as well in the pub for your mates as it will at a big corporate gig. I know I am using it a lot, Dominic Reyes is using it professionally (a top close up performer in the UK) and after speaking to Oz Pearlman yesterday I know he really wants to pick one up ASAP.

My advise - if you ever perform for real people get this - you won't regret it!


For anyone who does buy this effect here are some handling ideas I have been working with!

1 - Most people have seen that effect where Chris Angel eats a coin and pulls it out his arm. Ask the spectators if they have seen that trick and whatever they say briefly describe it to them. Tell them you will attempt to recreate the effect using a playing card, then take out the King of Spades from the deck (which has been previously gimmicked) and get the spectator to write "Chris Angel" on the face - telling them this card will represent Chris. Now lose the card in the deck and perform the rest of the effect. At the end the pulling of the coin out of the card makes sense as this is the effect Chris Angel performed that you are trying to recreate.

2 - Use the C2C as an ending to a coin cutting routine (where the coin is vanished and appears next to the selected card). A good resource for this kind of routine is Paul Gertner's book Steel and Silver or Dave Williams has a great routine. You could also use a RD coin deck and eliminate all sleight of hand.

3 - Do the effect on a married couple and have the card signed by the guy and the coin signed by the woman. Talk about the institute of marriage and two people becoming one. Vanish the coin and then show the guys card. Say just like in real life you have both become one and then rip the card open to prove it.

4 - Use the gimmicked card to perform ambitious card and then perform C2C at the end of this routine.

5 - IMO In a Flash (by Jay Sankey) and C2C work really well together. Don't forget In a Flash involves a coin burning through half the pack to find a selected card. Imagine the coin burning through half the cards but the coin has vanished. The card after all the holes is the selected card and inside the card is the coin. It is like the coin didn't manage to burn through all the cards and got stuck in the one they selected - I tried this a lot this weekend - VERY COOL.

6 - Although I haven't given it any thought as such the effect could be built into a matrix plot so that at the end of matrix C2C is performed as a kicker.

Craig. P. UK