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Magic Transpo Printer



"One of the best tricks I've got from Merchant of Magic is ages. No sleight of hand, and a real fooler. Highly recommended" - Chris C

A fantastic trick you can carry with you everywhere, now supplied with special original Bicycle poker size cards!

You show a small wallet that has two cards visible inside: a 7 of Clubs, and a 7 of Diamonds. Take out the 7 of Diamonds, and put it face up on the table. Then take the 7 of clubs and put it face down onto the first card. Just make a magical gesture, and the printed face of the 7 of Clubs disappears, leaving the card blank, and ends up... on the back of the 7 of Diamonds!


This amazing little wallet does the hard work for you, so you can fool everyone. Carry it with you everywhere. 

  • The cards are poker size. The wallet measures cm 7,7 (3") x 10,5 (4,1").
  • The playing card values used differ with each pack.
  • The trick is self working, no manipulation is require and the secret is really ingenious.


The Magic Card Printer has been one of the best-selling magic tricks sold live in the magic shop for many years. It's demonstrated over and over daily in the shop and sells through as fast as the team can restock it. The little wallet does the hard work, so you can focus on your showmanship and have fun with the effect. It's baffling for spectators and a classic of magic for very good reason.