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A Thread-less, magnet-less, electronic-less, and hassle-less version of the Haunted Deck.

What makes SCARED stand out against its competitors? Well, your deck starts with nothing in it other than the cards. It can be used with a brand new deck opened by your spectator. You add nothing into your deck and after, the deck can be examined. 

Welcome to the evolution of what has been an incredible couple of years for my debut PDF. Brought in its hundreds and receiving rave reviews from magicians around the world. SCARED started out as a frustrating solution to the Haunted Deck plot and has stood up against the toughest scrutiny.

There are 3 types of methods included inside this second edition book. The impromptu method, the 30-second method, and the advanced method. You choose for yourself what best suits you. With different routines, patters, and additional ideas including one of the boldest versions of the Haunted Deck you’ll ever dare to try.

SCARED has been a stable part of my working repertoire for over 4 years now and for some magicians, has also been a go too method for the Haunted Deck. With this beautifully edited book with HD Studio shot photos, you have the knowledge to do possibly the best impromptu Haunted Decks out there. Find out what all the fuss is about and remember to get SCARED!

Foreword by Peter Duffie
Additional ideas from Liam Montier, Cameron Francis, Alan Rorrison, Peter Eggink, and Kit Felgate
No Strings or wires!
No Magnets!
No Glue or tape!
No Crimps!
Easy to do!

Nothing Added or Taken From the Deck!
Start Completely Clean with NO Gimmicks in your deck!