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SLIDE By Paul Harris Presents

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Unlike Any Torn & Restored Card Trick You Have Ever Seen Before!



The card restores itself and then instantly it's handed out to the spectator to keep!


This is what the Merchant of Magic Team think about SLIDE:

'Slide is a new revolutionary Torn and Restored Gimmick that takes all the hard work and most of the sleight of hand out of the equation. With Slide you don't just get short DVD trying to teach you a a load of difficult moves and making you tear bits of playing card and sticking them with glue. This is a precision made gimmick manufactured by renowned magic producer and engineer Mark Allen and supplied to The Merchant of Magic. The gimmick is not only very clever but makes the whole routine super easy to do. You really can concentrate on your audience! There is no need to worry about lining up the pieces correctly and having to keep tight grips to make sure nothing slips out of place, the gimmick takes care of all of that for you. Not only is Slide one of the most baffling and visual Torn and Restored magic tricks out there but it is also one of the easiest to perform!'



A signed torn playing card comes to life and visually restores itself, right before their eyes.

You take a signed playing card and it is openly and fairly torn in half. Then, right in front of your spectators eyes the two halves magically bond to each other, determined to be whole again. Each torn playing card half (with the signatures on view) is restored together again, but unevenly.


The torn halfs comes to life and visually SLIDES over to join together . This happens inches from the watchers eyes, so they can see the playing card come to life and begin to rebuild itself. It's a crazy moment that will frazzle your spectators minds.

Once the playing card has repaired itself, you then can hand it over right away for the spectator to keep.



Signed Animated Restoration

of a playing card!



  • No Threads and no Elastics
  • Really easy to Perform
  • No Palm Handlings
  • SLIDE a Signed Playing Card
  • SLIDE any type of Currency Note
  • SLIDE  your Business Card
  • You can reset it in Seconds


 Includes Mis-Made Cards

You can repair the signed playing card into a mis-made crazy object, then just give it away as a souvenir! This crazy playing card is a great keepsake and a reminder of the magic for your spectators.


You get:

The Precision Mark Allen engineered SLIDE GIMMICK.

Full instructions, tips, performance advice and presentation ideas on DVD.

Refills for the Mis-Made Card are also available.