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Marksman Deck (Online Instructions and Gimmick) by Luke Jermay



Magicians have used a Marksman Deck for centuries to fool even the most astute audiences. 

The Marksman Deck is poised to become THE go-to, marked deck for magicians. Meticulously developed by acclaimed mentalist Luke Jermay, the Marksman Deck has been designed with the professional performer in mind. It’s not JUST a marked deck: with one glance at the back, you’ll know the card’s identity, the one after it, how far away the mate is, and FIVE other hidden features.


We’re pulling out all the stops on “The Marksman Deck” because we believe this will become an industry standard and a part of your working repertoire. That’s why we are giving you a 43-minute “tutorial” on the deck. In this featurette, Luke Jermay talks you through many of the Marksman features, and you’ll see unedited performances from some UNBELIEVABLE effects not possible with other marked decks. 


The “Marksman Deck” is a powerful utility item that will unlock phenomenal demonstrations of telepathy, prediction, influence, rapid calculation, superhuman memory and much more.


It requires no difficult sleight of hand or memory work.


It offers you effortless, staggering and impossible demonstrations that are fun and easy to perform allowing you to focus your attention purely on connecting with the people you perform for. Whether you find yourself performing for friends and family in casual environments or in more theatrical settings, the “Marksman Deck” will become your go-to choice for engaging magic and Mentalism with playing cards. The “Marksman Deck” is much more than a trick; it is an entire performance hiding in plain sight. The features allow you a never-ending flow of powerful magic and Mentalism, with no fear of failure and no technical concerns to worry about. We genuinely believe if you can tie your shoelaces, there is nothing that can prevent you from performing powerfully with the “Marksman Deck.”


I’ve seen a lot of marked decks, but I think this must be one of the best ever designed. Jermay has not only done yeoman work in the design and placement of the various marks (which are pleasantly easy for the trained eye to read), but has added a number of unique marks designed especially for particular routines that otherwise would require a lot of difficult sleight of hand. The instructions come in the form of a DVD in which Jermay explains everything simply and clearly. I think the “Marksman Deck” is something you will actually use.” Richard Kaufman, Genii Magazine, April 2017


Jermay considers the “Marksman Deck” a ‘map to mystery’ since with a single glance at its back you are instantly told what route to travel to arrive at an amazing destination. The deck, literally, tells you what to do with a single glance. It features an array of information expertly hidden in its Mandolin Back design. It is easy (for those initiated) to read, even under the pressure of real-world performance. The “Marksman Deck” comes complete with an in-depth DVD training in which Jermay teaches you not only the system and features of the deck, but also a variety of direct and powerful routines that are easy to perform that will convince your audiences you have superhuman abilities.


"Over and over, the debate “should a mentalist use playing cards?” pops up in threads among enthusiasts of the field. I personally never believed the premises of the question itself, but here is a most cogent answer in the form of a new, brilliant Jermay release. Luke took a classic idea and turned it into something that has so much more potential than anything similar yet available. More than a utility device, this is a fully engineered system waiting to be exploited by the savvy performer. A companion book with thoroughly detailed routines and scripts will guide you in discovering this most amazing advance in the art of demonstrating psychic miracles with just a deck of cards.Marco Fida


The “Marksman Deck” is so much more than a marked deck. It can be used as a traditional marked deck, but to only use it as such is travelling at 10 miles an hour when you could be going 200! Its unique and original features not found in any other deck of cards give you total power and control, secretly telling you everything you need to know to produce remarkable demonstrations effortlessly. With the “Marksman Deck,” it is possible to perform entire routines and shows with a powerful, flowing freedom that allows you to produce an experience of mystery for your audiences so strong and compelling they will emerge from it with unshakable mysteries in memory.


Background of the Marksman Deck

The story begins in 1913 when Theodore Deland gifted the magic community his "Automatic Deck:" a bold and innovative concept that sadly soon became forgotten with the gimmicked deck resigned to history. The story continues in 1999 when a teenage Jermay discovered the ingenious work of Deland in a London magic shop. The "Automatic Deck" caught his attention and remained in his mind forevermore.

Over the course of the 15 years to come, Jermay developed his own unique concept of what an ‘Automatic Deck’ could be and imagined exciting new routines, premises and demonstrations it would allow him to present to his audiences. With each new idea, a new secret feature was added to Jermay’s handmade deck. A handmade deck of cards that remained a powerful personal secret to only Jermay. A devastating weapon that allowed him to present blockbuster psychic miracles with playing cards, effortlessly with no difficult sleight of hand or complex memory work. Demonstrations that appeared perfectly fair and produced staggering reactions and results in performance.


"Theodore DeLand's Automatic Deck premiered in 1913 and has been a personal favorite for four decades. Leave it to Luke Jermay to modernize the best parts and then add actual improvements. The Marksman is an absolute bullseye." Michael Weber


In 2015 Jermay shared the inner details of his deck of cards with Vanishing Inc founders Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay. They instantly saw the immense value of such a gimmicked deck and knew that it had to be released on a wider scale. Jermay knew that there was no one better than Vanishing Inc to bring his personal secret weapon to the magic community and at this moment Jermay’s handmade, feature-filled marked deck transformed from a guarded, secret weapon to the “Marksman Deck.”  No compromises were considered; only the very best would be good enough. Today a story that began 105 years ago with Deland that was reimagined 85 years later by Jermay is yours to add your unique chapter to.


"The kind of effects one dreams of are now possible thanks to this utility prop. More proof that Luke is an exceedingly clever thinker and performer.Paul Wilson


"With Jermay's Marksman Deck, you will hit the bull's eye and perform deadly routines. Its combined features make it the perfect weapon in your arsenal!Vincent Hedan


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