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The Little Wooden Box



This beautiful wooden box creates so much magic with no sleight of hand. All you need to do is open and close the box, and it fools everyone. We use one of these boxes EVERY DAY in the magic shop. Here are just some of the effects we perform with this amazing bit of kit:

Make playing cards appear or change their value at will...

Place a blank business card in the box, and it instantly prints with your details... 

Draw a picture of a spoon and pop it in the box; the spoon in the image is now bent...

Have predictions or revelations appear by magic inside the box...

Draw a £5 note roughly on a bit of paper and pop it inside the box. It instantly changes into a REAL £5 note...

Have a card is selected by the spectator from a deck. The card is returned and lost in the pack. You then spread the deck face down and draw out a card from the middle of the spread. Without looking at the face of the card, you place the face-down card into a box and close the lid.

During this action, the spectators glance at the face of the card and see that it's not the chosen one. However, after a magical gesture, the box is opened, and the chosen card is inside the box!

Beautifully made in wood with magnetic change mechanism

The box, made with care in wood to a professional quality. It's a lovely piece to have on your coffee table or deck, and has been designed to use poker-size playing cards, though bridge-size cards, paper notes, or business cards will also work perfectly.

The box can also be used for other effects, such as exchanging notes, restoring a torn playing card, etc.

Own a Svengali or Invisible deck?

Already own an invisible deck? This little box works perfectly with your deck. Have a spectator choose a card and give it to you. Explain that you will make it an invisible card. Place it in the box and when you open the lid, it really is invisible. You can take it out and pop it into your invisible deck, only to show it's now face down in the deck.

Use a Svengali deck? Why not show the box empty, place the Svengaliu deck on top of the box and then open it to have the spectators' chosen card appear inside the box.