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The Houdini Padlock



'On a visit to the magic shop, I saw Dominic Reyes demonstrating this trick to a large group of people. Everyone loved it when the card vanished from the deck and appeared on the ceiling!?! Now I own this, I know how easy it is to do. A++++' - Craig D

You show a pack of cards to the cheering crowd and have a bystander take a peek at a single card.

Next, the deck is locked down securely by a hulking padlock and given to the spectator to hold. And to everyone's amazement, the spectator card suddenly vanishes from the deck to reappear in your pocket!

  • A real Houdini escape.
  • Very easy to do and high impact.
  • Made with original Bicycle cards, poker size. The big padlock is provided.

This is super simple to do, and the special deck does all the work for you.

The padlock really makes the trick stand out from other card tricks, making the Houdini Padlock a favourite working material effect with restaurant and bar magicians the world over. 

Don't want to use a padlock?  No problem. If you want to carry this with you anywhere, just use a shoelace or a straw to lock the deck and you have a trick you can do any time anywhere. 

Where you have the card seems to reappear is up to you. We have it appear to have jumped up on the ceiling of the magic shop, but it could also be in your pocket, under the spectator's seat, in a locked box... There are a thousand and one ways to present this mystery.

Comes complete with everything you need to perform the Houdini Padlock and super easy-to-follow instructions so you can perform this as soon as you receive your set.