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Psychic Pizza By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


Availability: Instant delivery

Julio’s Psychic Pizza is an EASY TO PERFORM and completely SELF-WORKING prediction that allows a SPECTATOR to predict a pizza style (Olives and Anchovies, Italian, Classic, Hawaiian, etc) and the appropriate base (thick or thin) AND an accompanying BEVERAGE (Milkshake, Iced Tea, Cola, Orange juice, etc).

The performer introduces a colorful and glossy menu from Julio’s Psychic Pizza Shop (est. 1971). Printed on the inside is a psychic circle of pizza styles representing what’s available.The spectator thinks of ANY NUMBER BETWEEN 1--1000 (no force) and counts around the circle (either clockwise or anti-clockwise -- free choice) to select the topping, the base, and an accompanying drink.

Once done, the audience imagines the finished product (let’s say a Hawaiian on a thick base with a Pepsi on the side.) Then, to everyone’s surprise the menu is flipped over and the EXACT SAME PIZZA & DRINK is photographed on the menu’s back. A perfect hit.

This is a great effect to leave lying around the house, office, or in your car’s glovebox, just waiting for someone to say, “I’m feeling hungry.”

Please note:

No forces, the spectator can think of ANY number from 1--1000
8 pizza styles available to choose.
2 Pizza bases available to choose.
8 Drink options available to choose.
Color menu is to be printed out on a home printer.
Both A4 and Letter-sized artwork supplied.