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Dynamic Coins UK



  • A TRULY BEAUTIFUL TRICK: The ideal gift for beginners, Dynamic Coins enables children as young as 8 to develop their self-confidence and hone performance skills. One of Marvin’s best-selling tricks, Dynamic Coins is a multi-step routine that you can perform anywhere and always delights the audience. A whole stack of coins appears, disappears, passes through solid metal and even shrinks in size! Precision-engineered in solid brass, this beautiful effect is a true coin magic classic.



  • MAKE COINS APPEAR, DISAPPEAR & TRANSFORM: This beautiful, precision-made brass trick enables you to perform an intriguing and unbelievable sequence of effects with coins - make Them appear, disappear and even transform - a real reputation maker! Dynamic Coins is a classic vanishing trick that uses specially designed magic equipment and trade know-how to create the illusion that coins disappear and teleport to a different place at the conjurer’s command!


  • A BEAUTIFUL PRECISION MADE BRASS TRICK: An excellent addition to any toy box, the classic coin magic trick that’s bang on the money! With our solid brass props and easy to follow instructions and videos, both novice and experience magic fans will enjoy making coins vanish, pass through solid objects and reappear. Simple, Powerful magic for magicians aged 14 upwards, but impressive and sophisticated enough for teenagers and adults.


  • SEEING IS BELIEVING: This is the ultimate magic trick to inspire and entertain young magicians. Offers hours of fun, allowing budding illusionists to develop and show off their magic skills, amaze and astonish friends and family! This amazing trick set is designed for children aged 14 or above, this special trick box will enable your little magician to perform for friends and family professional magic tricks.


  • CONTAINS FULL INSTRUCTIONS: The box includes precision-engineered solid brass cylinders and rings plus step by step instructions on how to pull off this magic trick like the pros. All you need is a stack of coins, a little practice and a whole lot of flair! Suitable for 14 years old +