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Window Peek - By Erick Castle - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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This is one of the most cunning business card (peeks) we've come across in a long time!







Is this gimmicked or impromptu?

No, this is completely impromptu' and can be performed anytime and anywhere. 

Can the spectator write or draw anywhere?

Yes, this is a full business card peek anything can be written or drawn. Erick holds absolutely nothing back here folks; you'll learn how to covertly get a peek while your volunteer's eyes are virtually almost glued to your hands...

Are you limited to using just a business card?

No, you could pretty much use anything you like a slip of paper, post-it notes, or playing cards. Any secretly written or drawn information can be easily obtained, this is cutting-edge mentalism at its best!



A fully illustrated ebooklet, learn everything from how to make the peek and exactly when the best time is to do the peek so you'll be performing with confidence!         

Go step by step from beginner through to performing this routine like a PRO. We promise you'll be AMAZING others very soon! 

Have the essential reference material that you need to quickly and easily adapt this peek for any situation and use more then just business cards, a slip of paper, or playing card etc.

This is like having a magic session with Erick "while in the comfort of your own home".


Summing Up... What you'll receive is a fully illustrated ebooklet, explaining Step-by-Step this powerful Full Business Card Peek that can be yours in less than 3 minutes...



       Minimum Requirement: Acrobat Reader 5.x or later
      Size: approx. 1.24 MB

            (About 6 seconds with DSL, 2 seconds with cable modem) 
        1st edition 2008; 10 pages