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The Ambivisual Principle - By Reg Blackwood - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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The Ambivisual Principle (formerly BackTrack!) utilises properties inherent in many photographs, drawings, illustrations and everyday objects which can be used in mentalism effects in at least two different ways:
1. To achieve multiple outs in both prediction effects and “subliminal influence” type effects.

2. For secret communication to an instant accomplice, for example in “spectator as mindreader” type effects, without risking direct exposure.

In both types of effect, the spectator has a genuinely free choice and the images or objects (which may or may not have been in full view throughout) are used to achieve the desired result immediately after that choice has been revealed.

This eBook contains a detailed explanation of the principle involved.

Example effects are also included for illustration, as well as some essential building blocks to get you started creating an infinite number of your own effects immediately.

In Example 1 the performer correctly predicts a spectator's choice of one from four of the performer's drawings, after apparently getting it completely wrong at first. An alternative presentation shows how the same effect can be easily converted to an open prediction or subliminal influence type effect.

In Example 2 the performer gives the spectator something to wear, something to put on their head and something to hold before they choose a travel destination. The spectator finds their destination is the only one missing from a clutch of boarding passes. The performer produces the missing document from his pocket. Then on the reverse side, it is revealed that what the spectator is wearing, what they have on their head and what they are holding influenced their choice of destination.

In Example 3 after following the performer's simple instructions, one spectator correctly divines a word chosen by another.

The Ambivisual Principle is a no-fail, no-force system where the spectator makes a genuinely free choice.
"BackTrack! is a nice mixture of ideas that allows you to create great experiments in subliminal influence with no effort" - Pablo Amirá
"Excellent - I've put aside my current method and now use this instead, BRAVO!" - Dominic Reyes

"This is an incredible and completely new tool for the mentalist. The possibilities are huge. It turns the usual method upside down. Whereas many methods in mentalism employ some kind of force limiting the choice in subtle ways to predict an outcome, Blackwood is turning this on its head. The spectator has a completely and truly free choice. Nevertheless you can logically and clearly show that his choice was influenced or pre-determined from the get go. I love it! It's great!" - Chris Wasshuber
"This is solid GOLD!" - Stephen Ward