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Telepath Cellular Conjury by Alpha Magic - DVD

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Harness technology with magic and you'll get conjuring that will earn you a reputation of a miracle-worker

Never before has such a system being released to the magic community. Never before has so much detail been put into one package. You'll get a complete manuscript, a CD-ROM and a training DVD.

It was one year of hard work and real world performances before this system materialized.

It was a daunting task, having to put forth so much detail...but it was worth it.

This is different. This is new-age stuff. This is modern day magic.

This is Telepath.

Let's just tell you about the first routine taught in our DVD. It's called "Telepathy." And take a look at what it can do:


There's a cell phone down in full view on the table. You borrow a deck of cards. Get someone to shuffle it thoroughly.

You start dealing the cards from the deck one by one down on to the table. Clean and slow. Heck, you can even deal the cards face up for good measure. It's a normal deck anyway, and all cards dealt can be seen in random order. There is nothing to hide.

Ask them to stop you from dealing at any time to arrive at a selection... and we mean ANY time. No timing forces, no clumsy sleights. If they want to change their minds, allow that. It doesn't matter. Nothing can be fairer than that.

When a selection has been decided on, you ask them to visualize the selected card in their minds, and focus that mental image on the cell phone's blank screen.

Eerily, the screen lights up, but nothing can be seen other than the bright illumination.

Concentrate harder. Simply wave your hand over the phone. An image appears in the screen.

It's an image of the selected card.

The revelation is shocking. Everyone is reeling and thinking backwards, trying desperately to re-enact what happened. They'll have no clue...

...they know that the card was selected in the fairest possible manner. They know that you have not touched the phone even before the trick started.

Bow to your applause.

What is Telepath?

Telepath is a complete and focused magic system that allows you to make revelations through a cell phone seemingly without having to touch it. Combined with our diabolical routines, you'll have a modern electronic miracle in your hands. As long as you have a cell phone available, you'll be able to use Telepath. Watch our demo video. You can see the reactions of the spectators which we performed IMPROMPTU to at a cafe and at a party. Many of them laugh or shake their heads. Some even stared in shock. All of them would want to reach out and grab the props. Let them, because everything is examinable.

Almost any cell phone that is capable of storing images or comes with a built-in camera can be used. During our research, we have yet to come across a cell phone that doesn't allow us to use this system.

Performance is not limited to playing cards. Jumbo cards, ESP testing cards, business cards, Tarot cards. The versatility of this product allows for the revelation and / or display of ANYTHING you can think of, be it a picture, a symbol, a name or a number...even an object like a coin or a pair of dice. Imagine the possibilities!

The package comes with the files necessary to do revelations on playing cards and ESP cards. Our manuscript teaches you how to easily make your own files so that you can perform it in your own routine using any other object. Telepath is only limited by your own imagination.

Once prepared, it is impromptu.
  • Easy to use.
  • Extremely versatile.
  • Perform any type of revelation or display.
  • Use almost any camera / picture phone.
  • Highly visual.
  • Revelations can be done with the phone in a spectator's hands.
What is included?
  • Full hardcopy manuscript for cell phone integration and how to create your own files (Dvd Only)
  • Full PDF manuscript for cell phone integration and how to create your own files
  • Pre-built files to let you start performing Telepath immediately.
  • Cd-rom for pre-built files (Dvd Only)
  • Video files that teaches everything you need to know. Scroll further down for DVD/Video contents.
You supply your own cell phone and cards.

What are the contents of the Video?
  • Handling and performances.
  • 3 complete routines with different variations to cater to different skill levels.
  • Optimal ways of doing the revelations.
  • Lots of additional tips and subtleties.
The 3 routines provided are:

Telepathy - The core routine described above. This is our most frequently performed routine because it totally destroys anyone watching, magicians and laymen alike. Use a borrowed deck, let the spectator shuffle then deal cards one by one until a spectator decides to stop at a card. No stooges, no timing forces, no palming, no fishing, no stacked deck. Reveal the selected card in a cell phone every single time without touching it. Instant reset.

Imagery - A visual masterpiece of card magic. A card is selected from a spread and is noted by the spectator. In an instant, the selected card becomes blank and the image "jumps" into the screen of the cell phone! You can even print your business details on the card instead of leaving it blank to give it away. A sure-fire winner with this routine!

Prophecy - Inspired by one of Banachek's superb effects, but with several details streamlined for undisputed fairness and to make for a good street magic performance (Banachek's original routine was more suited for a cabaret act). A deck of ESP cards is displayed and cards are handed out for examination. Spectator selects one symbol as you deal through the cards one at a time. Your cell phone reveals the chosen symbol. Mentalists, throw away your old clip and chalk boards for this!

Let us mention again that once you've watch the DVD, you'll know how easy it is to include any other objects for you own routines!

Running Time Approximately 1hr 21min