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Snapped - (DVD and Gimmicks)

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Bring a Photograph to Life and Removed a Signed Selection from Inside!

You begin by removing a photograph of four Aces - your 'lucky' Aces - and having it examined. A card is selected and signed before begin buried back into the middle of the deck. You explain that the photo will reveal the suit of the selection. You give it a shake and the Ace of Hearts visibly turns face down in the picture! You proceed by PULLING A FULL SIZED PLAYING CARD OUT OF THE PHOTO leaving an empty space where it once was! The card is placed on a spectator's hand. You snap your fingers over it and the card is revealed to be the signed selection. This super commercial, off-beat effect is easy to do and VISUALLY STUNNING! Your spectators just won't know what hit them.

The SNAPPED DVD includes two different approaches to Cameron Francis's insanely commercial magic trick. Gaffs are included inside the box for 'SNAPPED' along with required cards and spare gaffs. The DVD also includes DVD-ROM content required for the second version - 'BIG SNAPPED'! In addition, the DVD features three amazing bonus card tricks presented in Cameron's own, inimitable style!

PLUS: Unlock the Secret Hidden Menu and Access Amazing Alternate Handlings by Three Guest Magicians! All you have to do is find it!

Running Time Approximately 1hr 33min 


Review by Jeff Stone

Over that past year or so, I’ve become familiar with Cameron and his work. I have a handful of his products (Snapped, Omega Mutation, Attack of the Copper Silver Coin, What it isn’t, Fresh Mint, and Rehab). I’ve really come to like his work and thinking on magic. This month’s Gem, Snapped, is no exception.

Here’s the short version of the effect: a photograph of a fan of cards (four aces) is shown and examined. One of the cards is visually plucked from and taken out of the photograph. There’s more, and there are multiple versions and handlings, but that’s the nutshell version… it’s extremely visual.

In my opinion, this is still a extremely valuable purchase and well worth the money.

Here’s what you get:

* “Special” cards needed
* “Photo Stickers”
* PDF of the photo sticker images
* PDF of a template for a “switch envelope”
* DVD:
o Multiple handling ideas
o 3 Bonus tricks
o An Easter Egg hidden menu with 3 additional variations by 3 other “mystery” magicians

All that for £20 is a darn good deal. The DVD is very entertaining, and in between each section, there are funny gag-reel clips and Cameron being… well… Cameron… very funny stuff. The full effect is as follows: Spectator signs a card which is lost in the deck. The photo of the Aces is examined.

Magically, one of the Aces in the photograph turns face down… the Ace that matches the suit of the selection. The magi then claims that the face down card magically turned into the signed selection. To prove it, the spectator’s signed card is then visually pulled out of the photograph and handed to the spectator leaving a photograph with one of the cards now missing.

There are various methods of accomplishing this taught on the DVD. Some leave you clean at the end, some don’t. Some allow you to be clean in the beginning; some don’t. For the most part, you’ll have to be “dirty” either at the end or at the beginning. In the Easter Egg section, you’ll find some killer ideas on ending clean. My favorite handling came from this section.

I have not yet tested this with real spectators, however, this is the type of magic that working pros immediately will recognize as something that will get a great reaction. Some of the handling ideas use a switch envelope which can easily be made, and the DVD includes a download-able template for creating the switch envelope. Other methods do not require the switch envelope.

Regarding the bonus effects, “Reds” is awesome. I love it. It’s basically a four Ace production. However, the premise is that your deck is defective and it came with four black Aces instead of two red and two black. You then show the four black Aces to the audience. You then turn two of the Aces red, one at a time… very convincing handling. The best part is that you don’t need any extra cards… it can be done with a borrowed deck.