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Oscar Munoz Live Magic (2 DVD Set) by Kozmomagic - DVD



Oscar Munoz teaches you his live magic show and techniques for entertaining an audience!

On this two DVD collection, Oscar performs his magic tricks in his 50 minute show. Magic tricks with billiard balls, the linking rings, his 2 roand shiv routines and more, plus a useful discussion with Kozmo talking about how to develop comedy in your magic tricks.
You'll be amazed at what's inside!

The Live Magic Show

The 2 Rope Magic Trick

This is a practical multi-phased rope magic trick is based on the "Sand-Sational" by George Sands. It starts with a production of "ends" of the rope, and then transitions into a  two-rope trick. Oscar takes you through the rope magic tricks step by step, giving all the nuances and details on how to perform this to a audience.

The 3 Rope Magic Trick
This is a really clever way of presenting the Professor's Nightmare magic trick. Oscar Munoz uses two sets of magic ropes: one set has three ropes of equal length and the other set has three ropes of different lengths. Under close up magic conditions and as visibly as possible, Oscar makes the sizes of the ropes to transpose.

The Linking Rings Magic Trick

Oscar's version of the linking rings magic trick uses just three rings and it showcases several original, visual penetration sequences. The routine is best suited to music or light patter, and it's the perfect length for a family audience.

Billiard Balls Magic Tricks
The billiard ball manipulation magic trick is a classic, PRACTICAL trick that's almost impossible to come by. Oscar details a fun, comedic yet elegant routine that incorporates three color changes, a production sequence, and an elegant finale. He details all the props, moves, and routining that you need to perform this routine. Best of all, his routine is designed to look amazing from far away and quite close, so it's perfect for family shows or parlor audiences.

How to  Swallow a Balloon
One of the most popular parlor magic tricks EVER is taught to you by Oscar, with all his professional additions. There is hardly ANYTHING that magicians can do to get a stronger reaction than to seemingly swallow a long balloon. This is the method to do it safely and entertainingly.