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Flatline Control - Rus Andrews - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


Availability: Instant delivery

Imagine a control with no control

A control with no sleights, no dodgy looking moves
A control thats so BLUNT its just not seen....

This download comes with an ebook with a full explanation of the control including pictures for visual aid.
Also included in the download is an un-edited live performance of the control so you can see it in full swing.

This control is not for the meek and is probably the boldest control you will ever use.




'This is bold, it's blunt and it's very, very cheeky but if you're the sort of performer who can command an audience you will have no problem performing this and getting away with it.
The simplest control you'll ever learn but that doesn't mean it's easy - you'll do well with it, the first time you get away with it you will probably wet yourself laughing inside.' - Chris Piercy




'This control is very very good. So bold, but so effective. You are a genius Rus' - Dorian Caudal




'Great job Mr. Andrews! I love this. I've always been a sucker for the pure balls moves and effects. I can't wait to have fun performing this.

And this is something that WILL be fun to perform. This is also quite heavily based on psychology. Which is another thing I love. Basically I'm trying to say that I love this "control"


Did this control for two people. One was a magician one was a layman. It completely flew by the layman. And when I performed it for the magician, he didn't know what hit him! He was SO fooled!! I love this.' -  Magic Maddy




I've just finished learning this  and I'm scared to death. In a good way!

This is one of those moves that really aren't for everyone. If you have the guts -- and if the move matches your performing personality -- you'll love it. But I can imagine many a magician shying away from Flatline, *precisely* because it doesn't involve any sleight at all.

There's nothing misleading in the ad copy: no sleights, no moves per se. Yet, if you perform it correctly (and boldly!), your audience will see... well, nothing.

So, essentially, what you're buying here is a very simple idea, plus the guarantee -- by a working magician who's performed this more than a hundred times in the real world -- that the idea DOES indeed work.

To me, that's well worth the price of admission. - Gorecki




'Just thought I would let you know I have now tried this out repeatedly over the weekend. Obviously I don't need to tell you that it works, but what a boost you get after doing it ! I am getting the feeling I got when I first started to take watches many years ago. So simple but so good.' - Mike Donoghue