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Black Nereus ESP by Fraser Parker



Easy to read at a distance and close up

NEREUS ESP is a set of marked ESP cards that can be read just as easily up close as they can from across the room.

They can be read effortlessly, from up to over twenty feet away!

The markings use the 'negative white space' built into their back design, which means they will stay hidden from view to your audience members via perception. However, once you know what to look for and learn how to see the markings, they will become obvious to you, whether viewed up close or from a large distance away.

Fraser has been working on versions of these cards 'on and off' for the past eight years and is pleased to say that he has finally found the ultimate solution.

This set of ESP cards is based on his groundbreaking Eleusis Marked Deck back design but uses different markings that are more suited to an ESP set. Because ESP cards in general will typically be placed next to one another during a routine, it was important that these markings were concealed even better than before.

The central Motif and outer corners of the back design stay consistent throughout each of the cards in the set. This helps to balance out and hide in plain sight, the slight differences in back design, that make up the markings on each of the cards.

They will be printed on a matte finish plastic card stock. This means they will be extremely durable and should withstand lots of use over many performances before needing to be replaced. These cards will also be more resistant to scratches and can be easily cleaned, if and when this becomes necessary.

Each card is standard Poker Size (3.5" x 2.5" inches) and has a borderless design.

You will receive two matching sets of five ESP cards (each containing a circle, cross, wavy lines, square and star symbol), as well as a PDF of instructions.

The PDF will explain how to read the markings and will also include a basic ESP Match-up routine, so that you will be able to begin performing with your set right away. Fraser will also include his ESP Mental Sound Reading method in the PDF.

NEREUS ESP Marked Cards and their accompanying PDF are expected to ship on or before the 20th August 2023.

Credits: The back design for them the NEREUS ESP Marked Cards and the Eleusis Marked Deck is built from the 'Elegant pattern vector' by Visnezh and is used under the 'Free License' agreement.

Note: The design for the NEREUS ESP Marked Cards is based on the ground-breaking Eleusis Marked Deck, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter.