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Ben Earl - Past Midnight (3 DVD Set) by Magician Ben Earl - Magic DVD

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Past Midnight by Ben Earl: Trick Artist is the debut tutorial DVD and there is a reason why a lot of the world's best card magicians stood up and took note.

Magician Ben Earl: Trick Artist has studied sleight of hand magic, con artistry, psychology and many other underground techniques that have given him a unique insight into the world of deception. Quietly learning in the background, trick artist Ben Earl has developed a great number of skills and abilities, having performed these innovative card magic tricks for some top clients across Europe. Ben Earl is so proud and happy to release some of his workings on both classic and new card magic plots.

Ben Earl Disc One:

On disc one, magician Ben Earl: Trick Artist includes all of his classic card magic tricks. Collectors, Hofzinser's Aces and Triumph are just a few of the classic card magic tricks that have had the Ben Earl touch. Within these amazing magic tricks, you can expect new visuals and creative thinking that streamlines the handlings. Magician Ben Earl also tips some of his original work on flourishes and sleights, included is Ben Earl's original colour change - the stroke change. The Stroke Change, when perfected really does look unreal and is well within the grasp of your average cardician.

Ben Earl Disc Two:

Included on Disc Two is a lot of Ben Earl's work on gambling and card table magic tricks. Magician Ben Earl has an honest love of this art form and it showns within his work, these progressions have been hailed as some of the most important and unique developments to this realm of card magic and gambling.

 Disc 2 Demo



Ben Earl Disc Three:


Disc Three is focused on all of Ben Earl's work on card magic tricks that revolves around the theme of mentalism, this is Ben Earl: Trick Artist's preferred style of performance. You can expect some amazing innovative and easy to perform handlings on themes such as Think-A-Card, Mental Poker and Brainwave that tread new pathways for the artform. Handlings for card magic tricks like Impossible Locations and Thought Card To Pocket that will not only astound lay men but dumbfound magicians alike!

There is a reason why Ben Earl is hailed as not only an amazing performer but an all round Trick Artist!

Disc 3 Demo


Ben Earl: Trick Artist Contents:

Disc 1 - The Commercial
magic of Ben Earl: Trick Artist


  • Collectors I
  • Collectors II
  • Open Triumph
  • Ace Assembly
  • Shades of Hofzinser
  • Prophecy Shift
  • Soft Spread Production
  • Stroke Change
  • Pop Over Move
  • Loose Double Lift
  • Streamlined Control
  • Side Faro False Shuffle
  • Chrisbuckgreenhoff and Sybil Show
  • Kolyvargin
  • Aston
  • Full Suit Production

Disc 2 - The Gambling techniques of Ben Earl: Trick Artist

  • Card Control/Production Sequence
  • The Psychological Shuffle
  • Broken Thompson Cut
  • Middle Card Spin Out
  • Blind Cut Technique
  • 4D Discovery
  • Pluckley
  • Sow by the Lug
  • Riverboat Harmony
  • House Rules
  • Bottom Dealing
  • Grey Shuffle
  • Erdnase Productions
  • One Hand Shifts
  • Discrepancy Switch
  • Palming Techniques

Disc 3 - Psychological magic of Ben Earl: Trick Artist

  • Ramjollock
  • Pseudo Brainwave
  • Mental Voyage
  • Thought of Card in Pocket
  • Peek Techniques
  • Lookaway Glimpse
  • SAS
  • Intuitive Poker I
  • Intuitive Poker II
  • Two Card Transpo
  • Bonus Effect
  • Playing the Odds

Disc 1 Running Time Approximately 1hr 16min
Disc 2 Running Time Approximately 1hr 33min
Disc 3 Running Time Approximately 1hr 17min