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Ben Earl Magician - Skin - Magic Tricks DVD

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Ben Earl - Trick Artist Teaches Psychological strategy and design for the coin bends

Within the realm of magic there are few demonstrations that a lay audience will still believe is true, even in this day and age. Metal bending is one of these demonstrations, it stands along side phenomena like mind reading, clairvoyance and telekinesis. Lay audiences can claim a card magic trick to be sleight of hand. However, if you make some metal bend in their hand or read their mind then instantly the average lay audience does not know where to go as far as explaining how you did it.

This is why these types of magic tricks can really give your audience the feeling that they have seen something real.

SKIN features magician Ben Earl giving you in depth analysis of the coin bend. Ben Earl has studied and performed the coin bend for over a decade; he has taken note of all the little nuances within the standard format of a coin bend and then developed them and ramped them.


If you study Skin by Ben Earl Trick Artist, you will learn how change your coin bend from 'just a trick' to a 'beautiful piece of magic that takes your audience on a journey'.


Having been part of magician Ben Earl's working repertoire for a long time Skin really is a fantastic in depth study of the coin bend that you know has been tried and tested over years of development. The magic tricks are framed through several distinct stages, within the performance all of these stages bring an experience to both the spectator and the audience. These experiences taught within Skin by Ben Earl: Trick Artist come together to form amazing and very real magic tricks in the eyes of a layman.

Each nuance is described, explained and discussed on the DVD so you not only understand how Skin works but more importantly WHY Skin works. There are live performances so you can watch magician Ben Earl: Trick Artist perform this miracle of a magic trick to real audiences. The live performances allow you to watch along and see how Ben uses timing, psychological ploys, positioning and even conversation to come together to create an amazing experience for his spectators.

What Skin is:

Skin IS an in depth tutorial on the coin bend by magician Ben Earl - Trick Artist

A full, performance ready routine.

Years of experience passed down to you in full detail.


What Skin is NOT:

A new coin bending gimmick.

A new method to have a signed coin bend.


Skin will take time to absorb all of the detail so you can apply it to your own work, it will take practice and careful study in order to get the rewards. You have magic tricks that will really give your spectators the experience of something real.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 42min