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Amazing Magic Tricks with Money - DVD

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Now anyone can do amazing magic tricks with  just the money in your pocket. Bank notes and regular coins get your audiences immediately, and can be produced instantly wherever you are. This makes the magic tricks featured on the DVD instantly ready to go practically whenever you need to perform some amazing magic. The great news is that, there is no hard sleight of hand to have to work on.

With the very latest teaching technology these magic tricks are so easy to master. You can freeze frames and jump right to the exact performance or explanation you want to work on, Now, mastering these magic tricks is simple for every magician.

It will teach you:

  • Balance a bank note on your hand and make it to slowly move on command!
  • slam a pen right through the middle of a bank note yet there is no hole!
  • Vanish a signed coin from your hand and make it  materialise under your other hand!
  • Make two bank notes to merge right inside each other - inches from you spectator's eyes!
  • The list goes on and on!