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Get ready for one of the most anticipated new magic ebooks of 2009!  This is Michael Paul’s long awaited release of brand new, original material, ABK. 


Poltergeist Coins:  Coins bend inside of a heavy glass vase held by a spectator… then, all of a sudden; the vase begins to move across the table as he tries to hold it in place!  No magnets or threads required, and you can do this while on the complete other side of the room!

Un-Dead Head:  A spooky looking doll’s head scares the hell out of everyone when it leaps off the table at a spectator!

Silver Lining:  Take a spectator back to their childhood, with this fabulous piece of mentalism.  They initial and hold a foil lined gum wrapper, when it begins to move inside of their hand, and the wrinkles in the foil take on the shape of a number they are thinking of.  This one is Michael Paul’s walk around closer… and soon it will be yours too!

Nightlife Aces:  An eye popping, three phase aces routine that ends with all of the aces vanishing and appearing in your four different pockets.  No palming!

Attacking ACAAN is a write up on not one, but FOUR “Any Card at Any Number” presentations.  Learn a killer code for working with partners, plus OCD (which will change the way you think about routining ACAAN in your set), Psychometry Card, Almost ACAAN, and more!

This e-book is over forty pages of killer magic.  The PDF is fully searchable, bookmarked, and linked.  Video is embedded to help visual learners with timing, and photos are also included where necessary.  You’ll also find “sticky notes” embedded in the file with afterthoughts, details, and anecdotes.  If that wasn’t enough, the PDF has been highlighted by Michael Paul with important points… you’ll feel like you stole his personal notebook.
41 Pages, four killer routines, a free copy of attacking ACAAN…
 (This release will be limited)