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OCL One Card Link By Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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"OCL is not a pipe dream. This is the real deal. Destined to go straight into the working repertoire of every magician. Destined to become a classic." - Richard Sanders

 From one playing card you tear two rings, each of these rings are signed. The two rings are held together, one behind the other. With one smooth motion you visually link them. No magnets, no tape, no illusions. They are actually linked. 

The best part is, you can immediately hand it out for inspection. Nothing to find and perhaps the most impossible souvenir you could give out.

"The cleanest card link I've ever seen" - Daniel Madison

For decades magicians all over the world have tried to create a method for linking two signed rings of playing cards that can then be examined. Other versions have come close but there have always been compromises. 

Whether you're performing for a bride and groom at a wedding, at your local residency or just for friends at the bar; Ben goes through every detail step by step to make your performances flawless. 

• Only one card is used
• No magnets
• No compromises
• Both rings are signed by the spectator before they are linked
• The link happens visually
• It can then be handed out straight away for inspection 

The definitive method on linking cards. Learn OCL today.

Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate 
Duration: 35 minutes