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Catch - By Alan Rorrison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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What could be more nerve racking than pointing a gun at a performers head and pulling the trigger only to find the performer catches the bullet between his teeth?

Read that line again, between his teeth. Now let's take it a step further and have the bullet signed so there is no possibility for a switch. Finally let's make it 100% safe. A bold statement for an effect that has claimed no less that 12 lives. This is CATCH

Question: How on earth can this be done? 

Answer : Use a PAINTBALL gun!

You perform a bullet catch using a paintball gun and a signed paintball. A spectator shoots the paint ball at your face and you catch it between your teeth.

For this effect you will need a specific type of paintball gun. These are available in most "gadget" style shops that sell gimmicky things that 'big kids' like to buy. Prices range from £5-£20 depending on the retailer. Alan goes into great detail showing you exactly which type of gun you need, suggested retailers to buy both the gun and paintballs from, how to set up and prepare your equipment and all the tips and points you will need to perform this effect. 

Alan even added a bonus variation, where you stop the speeding paintball in mid-air in front of yourself like in The Matrix, then make it fall to the floor, where it can be examined.


 Important points:

Everything is examinable at the end
Easy to do
Not very expensive to set up 
Use a signed paint ball
100% safe



'This effect is taught in the form of a PDF and goes through everything you need to know. He tells you what paintball gun to buy and where you can get it. I said the effect is 100% safe, and it is 100% safe. Probably the only bullet catch that is actually 100% safe. That's a HUGE plus right there.
I give it a 5 out of 5. It's affordable to perform, it's safe, and it gives the same effect as the classic bullet catch.' - daniel rmk



'This is definitely very practical and very good... this is something I will be using in my next stand up show. As with all of Alan's stuff, the routine is easy to do yet very well constructed.

The stopping the ball in mid air idea is killer! I've never seen that before. I should also point out that the PDF is very well written and nicely illustrated with color photos. I have never read anything Alan's written before but I can tell you this, his writing style is a lot easier to understand than his accent...

Joke... Sort of... It is very clearly written.

I also want to say, don't let the simplicity of the effect fool you. This will work! All of the actions and props are extremely well motivated.

Two thumbs way up... You want this!  - Cameron Francis


'I told Alan how clever I thought it was, and I still stand by how clever I think it is. For people in the UK, you can get this incredibly cheap, without having the manuscript on me at the moment, and it being so long ago since Alan sent it to me, I believe it can be made for about £10-20 ($20-40).

Compared to the other Bullet Catches out there, which are around £350ish ($700ish), there is a big difference, especially as overall it will look exactly the same, just the gun isn't as big as the usual Paint ball bullet catches, which makes it easier to carry around.

If you are looking for an affordable and workable routine, this will be for you! - Christopher Williams


'The paintball catch is fantastic. I love it. The premise of bullet catching is one of the greatest feats a show man can perform. This is practical solution for everyone. Miles of scope for the comedy performer. A great method and well...Alan is one of the most creative guys on the scene at the moment. I bought my gun of Ebay, I've performed it twice at my residency and went down a storm, I'm sure it will evolve into a full feature of my act... - Rupert Bair


'I didn't want to write a review because well, I kind of wanted to keep it to myself.

ok I'm just kidding about my selfishness, but for real now, I don't know why Alan is selling it at this price. It is a bargain to say the least.

If you are familiar with Mr.Rorrison's works, you know he has a taste for dangerous effects with the creativity to match.
What you are going to get is a practical, commercial, humorous Bullet Catch that retains its natural suspense and inherent danger (in the audiences' eyes). But reality is it is 100% safety proof. Unless you seriously froze on stage, I can't see anyone "mess" up on this trick.

But if you want a closer to your show, a closer within a beyond reasonable price????? I highly suggest it. - Jalan Nash