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Vegas Aces



Vegas Aces is Cody Fisher's version of Open Travellers

Straight from Cody Fisher's personal arsenal of strolling magic effects, get ready for LAS VEGAS ACES!


This is Cody's KILLER version of "The Open Travelers.

In an effort to expose the secret techniques of Las Vegas gamblers, you magically cause the four aces to travel invisibly from hand to hand. The last ace is magically rubbed through the volunteer's hand!

Almost self-working. There is no difficult sleight of hand or secret palming. Make no mistake about it; this routine is a real fooler!

Cody writes: "My version of the "Open Travellers" plot is one that I created for strolling gigs. It is very easy to do and requires almost no sleight of hand. The special gaff does 99% of the work for you and also allows for some very clean displays of each ace before each vanish and the after the reappearance. The displays in this routine are simply not possible without the gimmick. It starts clean and ends clean with only the four normal aces on the table."

Online learning with HD video
Easy to perform with instant reset
Perfect for strolling or formal shows
Complete word-for-word script
2 gimmicks for red & blue rider back decks


Skill Level Beginner