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The Tarot readers Black Book - By Lord Freddie Valentine - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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This E-book is aimed at the magician/mystery entertainer who wishes to give tarot readings. The methods used, rather than being based on tedious memory work, utilise psychological tools and cold/hot reading techniques.

You will also receive the password to a special online forum setup for purchasers of this ebook on Alchemy Moon.


An excerpt from the introduction:


"This is a book that will teach you to read tarot cards the easiest way possible using methods that I have found to be reliable.

As this book is primarily aimed at magicians and mentalists (basically it’s an open-eye view of such esoteric practices to a degree), it will be written with that in mind and rather than airy-fairy spiritual guff, I will present a practical way for you to perform tarot readings.

Reading tarot cards is not something mechanical and does require much more than the ability to be handy with a deck of cards. In this book, I will prepare you for most instances and will explain why tarot is not a toy or clever trick to fool around with, but something that can be influential to people with a certain belief system.

In this book you will learn the vital psychological aspects of tarot and not just the how, but the why.

When I was much younger than I am now, I trained as medium in a Spiritualist church (these were the days before they were governed by a union and were more open to things such as tarot) and was a regular customer to a local witchcraft shop (now defunct).

Reading genuine occult and spiritual literature is incredibly useful if you are going to be a reader, as there is much there to inspire your imagination and weave an image that suits the scenario.

Hopefully, this book will inspire you to go out there and give readings with confidence, and most of all enjoy the experience."


1st edition 2010; 42 pages.

Compatible with Mac, PC, and iPhone.