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Before rambling gibberish riddles I’ll do my best to answer questions yet to be asked...

The Score is a playing card marking system designed for any deck, printed on standard (or likewise) card stock, that has a white boarder. For specific clarity, by ‘card stock’ I simply mean playing cards that are card, as opposed to plastic or any other non-card material. By ‘white boarder’ I mean the white edge that reaches the very edges of the card to the central design and for further clarity this white boarder is the faded edge on a Bee Stinger playing card.

For the few that may be oblivious to the concept of a ‘marked deck,’ I shall briefly explain... The 52 cards in a deck each have a unique face yet they all share the exact same back design to conceal their identity. The concept of a marked deck calls for the application of secret markings to the shared back design, thus making the back of each card as unique as their faces. The markings tend to be minute and invisible to the unsuspecting eye but plain to read for the card cheat.

There are many ways to mark a deck, the use of ink is quite common; used to fill in parts of the design thus creating a unique image. Some systems requite removal of parts of the ink by use of a sharp blade, a special rough-edge tool or chemicals. Some of the more advanced methods call for special inks to make parts of the design only readable through special lenses used in glasses, contact lenses or camera lenses. Another similar method calls for a special ‘juice’ to mark the cards with (specifically but not limited to Bee) which causes the cards to have something of a magic-eye effect - whereas the reader would change the focus of his sight in order to see the markings. Each mentioned system requires the preparation of a marked deck but there are many interesting tools and techniques for marking cards during play - such marking concepts call for the cards’ shape to be effected in specific ways, such as blisters, nicks and bends.

And so, without giving too much away, I will offer as much information as possible...

I specifically set out to find a system for use with Bee Stinger playing cards, subsequently this system can be applied to most decks on the market - that have a white boarder as explained. The Score does not use or remove ink, nor does the system require any special unattainable tools for the application of the system. The system is a code by which two small markings reveal the identity of the card, the markings are apart, very subtle and extremely easy to apply. Due to the nature of the markings the system can be applied to the deck secretly during play. I do not claim to own or be the originator of The Score System, I have simply exercised concepts that have existed for many years and found a system that I find great comfort in that does not rely on ink or solely on tools. I would not suggest this is a revolutionary system for the advanced (crooked) gambler but I would offer it as a sterling starting point for those searching for an early fortified system

With great help from slight-junkie Randall3man and an anonymous card cheat, we spent almost a year developing and fine-tuning the Score idea. For the most part of the past year I have employed this system in poker games and felt safer than with my previous choice of system. I would never go as far as to say that The Score is invisible, like most marked decks it is identifiable under scrutiny, but designed to hide as a defect if ever discovered, and through marking a local deck during play one would only suspect the deck’s owner. I am very aware that the majority of my readers are performing magicians, for which I think this system would bring more delight and use than offered with BLOOD.

So this is The Score, I’ve been as open as possible with explanations here as to give more of an insight into the system than the actual product page and am open to questions regarding the book or specifics about the system. You can ask your questions in the comment box below this post.

To anybody considering purchasing The Score, I’d highly recommend you download the BLOOD pdf  HERE so that you can familiarize yourself both with coded systems and my approach to the development and application of creative deceptions.




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Magic Tricks Difficulty level 1 (Basic sleights/self working)

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