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The Amazing Guy by Thom Peterson

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Faster than a speeding ticket!
 More powerful than a refrigerator magnet!
 Able to leap subway turnstiles in a single bound!....okay .....two bounds.
 This DVD contains 13 routines to make you into an "Amazing" super hero. These routines will render your audience completely amazed!
 Some of the effects included:
 Ink, Inc. : A complete deck of custom, hand drawn playing cards visually prints right in front of your spectator's unbelieving eyes. You'll never slip these into a poker game. Your audience will think you have mini ink-jets hidden in your finger tips!

 George of the Jumble: A torn and restored mismade-ish bill ( with the torn edges restored on the outside), that will leave your spectator with a souvenir that would have the Riddler scratching his head.

 Thomato: A real cherry tomato is smashed flat between your hands, and ends up with a facial expression almost as surprising as your audience's!

 Psycho: A card is selected by a spectator, shuffled into the deck by the spectator, and found by the SPECTATOR! You've heard all this before, but wait....Come back. This one actually looks as good as it sounds.
P.S. It's been my pet "magician fooler."

 Simply Three: An in-the-hands 3-Card monte that resets immediately, uses regular cards, and has a killer ending. This is the 3-Card Monte you'll actually use. Metropolis will never be the same again!

 These And 8 Other Acts of Super-Human Skill
 (way more than mere mortals deserve!)