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Svengali Deck (DVD and Deck) by Theatre Magic

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The Svengali Deck is a remarkable deck of trick playing cards. It allows you to instantly look like an experienced magician and expert at sleight of hand. There are so many stunning card magic tricks that you can do with this deck of playing cards! Way more than we could describe here. That's one of the best parts of owning a svengali deck. It opens up a huge range of card magic tricks to beginners and experts alike. The more you use your svengali deck, the more ideas and uses you will discover.

Have a playing card selected and returned to the deck. Shuffle the deck as to your hearts content, cut the cards as many times as you feel like, but you will NEVER lose control of the chosen card.

With thea Svengali Deck you can:

  • Cause a playing card to vanish and reappear where ever you want
  • Make two different chosen playing cards to switch places in an instant.
  • Any playing card can transform  into the chosen card!

So many amazing effects you can do with Svengali

The Svengali Deck will make you look like a total card magic expert!

This boxed set comes with: A special custom deck and detailed instructional DVD teaching you everything you need to know.

Perfect for beginners right through to experts