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Sharp Money - By Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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THIS IS FANTASTIC! if you do not have this go buy it now!

Alan Rorrison - Creator of fine products such as Misleading Misled and Sigilum Diaboli and many others!

D*mn, Ben! I've been looking for a practical way to do this for years. Well this is pretty darn practical! This is very cool!

Cameron Francis - Creator of far too much magic!!!! Check it all out Omega Mutation, Sudden Impact, Fresh Mint and the list goes on!

Sharp Money is Ben Williams' take on the signed note or bill to to impossible location.

A spectator signs their note and the pen stays in view the whole time. The magician then rolls the note up and performs a series of vanishes and reproductions with the note before completely vanishing their signed note.

After some by play the spectator is handed the pen and instructed to sign a cigarette or another note only to find out that the Sharpie now doesn't work!
The magician instructs the spectator to open the pen up completely to expose where the ink cartridge is. However instead of an ink cartridge the pen is now hosting a rolled up note. The spectator is the one who removes the note and unrolls it to discover their signature.
 For a moment think how nice it would be to be able to stop reseting your envelopes and wallets or getting yourself and spectator's money covered in lemon juice and learn a practical signed note to impossible location that gets huge reactions!
Points to remember:

The pen stays in view throughout the routine
The spectator can remove the signed note themselves
Everything is fully examinable
No difficult gimmicks to make or handy work needed
A one time set up
If you're the sort of magician that always carries Sharpies then the routine is impromptu!
Instant reset
Perfect for table hopping or walkaround

Also included:

Sharp Card, a signed playing card appears inside the Sharpie
Different handlings for all skill levels
54 colour photos showing in detail the sleights needed
16 pages

More Reviews
100% Motivated. 100% Amazing. 100% possible.
This is how magic should be. Pure sleight of hand achieving amazing, impossible looking outcomes.
The more I read of Ben Williams, the more I hate myself for not being as clever.
Buy this..... or get a new hobby/job.


Geraint Clarke - Author of Devious
This is absolutely going to be another winner for Ben. If you ever use a sharpie in any of your routines(which is almost everyone) then I would highly recommend this for you.

Bill Perkins - Author of 1:3:1 and creator of the In Your Face Change
It's a worker! I'm already thinking of how I would like to include this into a longer routine!!
Paul Knight - Author of Dual Cyclone
I've been looking for a practical and surprising borrowed bill routine for quite a while - with Sharp Money, I think I've found it!
As with all of Ben's material, you know it's been created with the real-world in mind and he has a knack of coming up with routines that are fun for both the magician and the audience.
I much prefer this to Richard Sanders' Cramped as the bill is not just inside the cap - it's inside the pen itself, which the spectator himself breaks open and removes. Strong stuff indeed!
Not very difficult and resets by the time you reach the next table. I'll be using this!

Iain Moran - Creator of Cullfather and Covert Magic

This is excellent! I've been using the John Cornelius' 'Bill in Pen' for a number of years now but you are in a little way limited to what bill/note you can use (unless you own more than one pen), so when Ben sent me this I just had to try it out, yes you can borrow any note/bill.
This is a worker. Let me state here and now that this is not completely self-working, you do need to have some skill in sleight of hand to do the main routine, but, if you're not a sleight of hand performer there is a virtually self-working variation included in the manuscript.
The routining of this effect is excellent, Ben has detailed everything meticulously. Every little detail is superbly covered in this manuscript, so once you've done the one time preparation (which only takes a few moments) you can go out and 'fry some brains' with this routine.
As mentioned above, you can borrow any bill/note from any country, also this effect takes up little if any pocket space. For me the best part about this effect is the spectator can remove the bill/note from the pen themselves, this to me is what lifts this effect into the miracle class.
This is what the spectators see....You borrow a bill/note, the spectator signs it with a sharpie, the note then vanishes and ends up in the same pen they used to sign it with, and they remove the bill/note themselves! Oh and you're reset to immediately go again, stunning stuff.
The manuscript details a number of different handling's to suit most performers, from virtually self-working to intermediate sleight-of-hand skill, so no matter what your skill level is you should be doing this routine in no time.
There are many photos and enough variations to to enable even the beginner to get this down quickly, and everything is extremely well written and very clear to follow.
I love this and use this. Ben has put so much thought and time into this to make it clear and easy to learn, and I'm sure this will be a winner.
Also included is another routine called Sharp Card. This is a transposition type card effect in which the signed card (which the spectator thinks is under their hand) ends up inside the pen. I've not tried this but the method and handling is very clean looking and I'm sure card workers will love this.
Sharp Money is a first class routine which I'm sure will be used by professionals and hobbyists, and is also the perfect 'street magic' effect.

Gary Jones - Legendary performer (and has the best effect with a Nun you have ever seen!)
Check out Ben’s wicked new release entitled Sharp Money.
Now, I’ve truly never been one for signing bills. In the UK our lowest note is £5 ($10) so I hadn’t previously found an effect that I thought warranted the signing of money. But ooohhh now I DO! Wicked trick. Devilishly simple and inexpensive. Literally, the best bill to impossible location. I think it works the best with Bill’s but he has also included a version with a signed card. He even gives you a run down of basic cigarette slights.
Imagine, having a bill signed. You put the pen on the table. You vanish the rolled up will at finger tips. Then, the pen ON THE TABLE from the begining of the trick is opened at the ink barrel. There is no ink stick inside but instead is a rolled up bill. It's opened and is the signed bill.

Highly Recommended!

Jamie Daws - Creator of S.C.A.R.E.D, In The Blank of an Eye and Pinned
Just got this (I really like bill to location effect).
Initial thoughts-
Well thought out routines, clear instruction, realistic achievable magic for the table hopping / strolling, and decent presentation throughout the PDF (the photos are particularly good, with faded bits so that you focus on the teaching bit).
This will take a bit of practice to get really smooth, so I won't try it tomorrow night! Perhaps in a week or two..

Charlie Pugsley (posted on
I never liked Bill to Lemon for the mess of it. And for the complete absence of lemons in any context I perform (as an aside to making music, and my band does not do with lemons). This is a fantastic handling of the effect, and the pdf is well produced, nice pictures (apart from the fact that the background is not ideal on my sony ebook reader). The instructions are clear and concise. I might switch to a non-sharpie variant, as Sharpies are not the UK favourite marker.
Very well thought out, implemented and absolutely ought to buy!

Deepthought (posted on


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