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Rush - Close Up Russian Roulette - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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By Dee Christopher


How to perform Russian Roulette with normal disposable lighters

Dee Christopher has been performing Russian Roulette magic tricks on stage for almost a decade. If you have had the pleasure of witnessing is act, you will know it has used spikes, staple guns, power drills, knives and a whole host of other interesting ways for him to kill himself.

The concept of the magic trick is simple and direct. The magician tried to avoid the deadly item out of several identical harmless items, for example, the only cup with a sharp blade under it.
These magic tricks are hugely popular with audiences, full of excitement and tension. Even if the spectators  understand it is a magic trick, they still wonder, if TONIGHT will be the night it all goes horribly wrong. Dee has been trying to develop way to perform a Russian Roulette routine in a format and style suitable for close up magic magicians He wanted to create a way to perform these types of magic tricks,  when you need to do them in walk around or table magic conditions.

Many of the current methods tend to look quite false or just like parlour tricks. They are often illogical in their design. So.. Dee set out to make a new version that could use itemsthat you can carry in your pocket, that looks totally fair and most important of all, would work EVERY time, no matter the situation. His solution has the following features:
  • Very Powerful.
  • It's sasy to do.
  • a sure fire 100% Success rate.
  • No need for markings or magnetics.
  • It's a totally new method.
  • It uses normal items you really would carry with you.
  • It can be performed in any situation.
  • There is just a 1 minute set up and you're set for hundreds of performances.

In RUSH, Dee Christopher teaches you his secret for creating the perfect close up magicc Russian Roulette, just by using normal disposable lighters. 

One at a time, your spectator will select three of the four lighters and will either light it under your palm, or use it to set alight an item of value (perhaps an envelope with money in it). None of the lighters that they select with work. However, the only lighter that really lights is the final one left. It woks each time perfectly.

  • If you perform your magic tricks in bars or nightclubs that have own branded lighters, you can really simply gimmick those lighters, very quickly to perform this effect.
  • When working at a trade show or for a corporate party, you can do it with their branded lighters.
  • Perhaps have your own lighters printed to include your contact details. You can give away the final lighter as a unique business card with an incredible story!

The Rush Magic trick can be performed as a stunning demonstration of 'control of decision', subliminal suggestion, influence, or even make the spectator a mind reader.
Rush is an instand download Ebook
"Dee Christopher has managed to found an exciting and original way to introduce a dangerous stage classic to the close-up arena.  A marvel idea from an amazing artist." - Daniel Madison

"Gorgeous take on an effect very close to my heart..." - Alan Rorrison

"I love the idea. Great thinking - A practical and cost effective roulette. Excellent!" - Sean Waters

"Great bit of original thinking mixed in with the prospect of burning things. Double win! Sadly, it always it's terrible for pyromaniacs." - Paul Brook Mind Reader