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RPS Entity - By Thomas Baxter - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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A Close - Up Routine for The Modern Mentalist

By Thomas Baxter





"Good, entertaining close-up Mentalism without playing cards is not easy to come by. For the strolling entertainer or for the hobbyist who wants something to show his friends, RPS Entity is a new and worthwhile addition to the repertoire.

"This effect was inspired by an effect called CHILD'S PLAY, by Simon Aronson.  In Simon's version, he used actual objects, small toys in the shapes of a Rock, Paper and a tiny Scissors, along with three different colored poker chips. He would have the objects and the chips mixed, an object places upon each chip, and then the participant would call out any two of the chips. Simon would tell the participant which chip would win. At the end of his routine, Simon would predict the placement of all of the objects on the chips.

While the thinking and methodologies behind these effects were fascinating, I found that I didn't want to have to deal with 6 props rattling around in my pockets for one effect, nor did I want to do the prep work necessary for the prediction ending of Aronson's effect for a strolling situation. I set about to re-think the basic concept and to change it so that it could be done with just 3 bits of paper or business cards, or the more formally prepared set of 3 poker chips if desired.

I've eliminated the need for the special toys, and simplified things to make what I think is a quick, entertaining and mystifying 3 part routine with an optional kicker prediction ending.

RPS Entity can also be done over the telephone or online on the Internet, by email or on chat lines.

It is a versatile little routine.The universal popularity of the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors (also known as Roshambo) brings with it an immediate audience recognition and interest. I've used this routine in many situations and performances, and the reaction has always been positive and rewarding. I hope that you'll use it and get as much fun out of it as I have.




In my routine, I've attempted to simplify the effect to make it possible to perform it in a completely impromptu situation using your business cards or bits of paper, or even on the telephone or over the Internet. The logic behind my directions to the participant is all very clear and believable, and there is no sleight of hand involved at all. It's a wonderful routine for the strolling Performer, as I've eliminated the need to carry the 6 props necessary in the Neale/Aronson versions.

Mine is a 3 phase routine, each phase becoming progressively more impossible, culminating in a pre- written prediction of the final outcome.

The 15 page manuscript includes the basic routine, a very clear description of the principles behind the working of the routine, and handlings for live presentations, telephone and Internet demonstrations. Also included are ideas for a Bizarre presentation, for those so inclined. 

RPS Entity is a strong, entertaining and mystifying routine that is practical, versatile and engaging to an audience. I've used it for some time with success, and I've shared it with a few other notable performers who think highly of it. It's not always easy to find good close-up Mentalism that doesn't involve playing cards or expensive props."

Thomas Baxter (July 4, 2007) 




'Thomas has really taken much further the whole concept and also eliminating the need of special toys (as he, himself wrote) is to me a big plus. I see myself playing with this and having fun. Recommended! - Paolo Cavalli 

'Just performed it over the phone. Still loving it!' - Richard Colley

' have bought this, and will definately use it.' - David Meade

'Just got it. It's brilliant! Very easy to do and quite devious. Thomas Baxter has gotten to the real meat of Aronson's effect and come up with a streamlined version that is perfect for just about any situation. You could do this on stage with large cards or even a chalkboard where they erase two of the objects and rewrite them in a new order. - Greg Arce

'Thank you for this gem. I love the fact that it can be truly impromptu, and can also progress through three increasingly impressive phases.' - Arnon

'I ordered this on the basis of all the good reviews above and have not been dissappointed. Instant delivery of a very workable and extremely versatile effect. Perfect for either on the spot or a more routined presentation - the bizarrist ideas look particularly fun!' - Jon White

'great principle, great ideas!' - Stuart Palm

'The routine is brilliant and the method is perfect. Thank you for making this available. - Tony Iacoviello



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