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The Queens Nose by Matthew Wright




The legend of the Queens Nose has been around ever since Queen Elizabeth II first sat on the Great British throne 70 years ago. Legend says that if the Queen rubs her nose she is able to grant wishes.

To celebrate her coronation 70 years ago she had minted 100 "lucky pennies" into which she forged her magic and she gave one of these coins as a thank you to each of the staff who worked on her Coronation Day.

My Uncle Charlie was one of those lucky 100.

Now all you have to do is rub the nose of the queen on the lucky penny and it will grant a wish.


A card is selected and returned to the deck. An indifferent card is placed on the spectators hand. A Old English Penny is inspected and the penny is placed on top of the card. The spectator rubs the nose of the queen on the coin and names their selected card. The card underneath magically changes into the selection.

The effect is now repeated with another card. This time when the nose is rubbed the card does not change.. now instead the coin has changed to show that it now has embossed on its surface... the selected card.

The coin can now be completely examined! 


  • Royal emblem red velvet bag
  • Regular Old English Penny
  • Gaff Old English Penny
  • Download instructions

Please Note: The tutorial contains live, uncut performance footage that included very strong language from spectators reacting.