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Psyder by Joshua Grist - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Psyder allows you to have insights into the deepest thoughts, emotions and even memories of a large audience, with no dual reality, instant stooging, psychology, anagrams or process.

Imagine performing a thought of tossed out deck without the physical deck. You have every member of the audience think of a card, point at three people and then reveal each of their thought of cards.

Imagine suddenly revealing the star sign of a random spectator within an audience - Sherlock style! In the middle of a totally unrelated routine, you just suddenly break off with a "By the way, you're a scorpio, right?"

And finally, imagine revealing the name of a random audience member, a favourite book and what childhood pet somebody had.

"NO way!!."

"Is that... what is that? What is this?!”

This is the ultimate method for when performing to a large audience, usable for mentalists of all standards. Over 50% of profits made by the creator go to charities and non-profit organisations.


PDF eBook 13 pages