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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Parallax - By Jimmy Strange

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Parallax by Jimmy Strange is brand new magic for the brand new five or £10 pound notes.

Parallax is a set of 4 specially made hologram stickers to add to your own new design £5 or £10 notes. The hologram shows a card suit and value instead of FIVE/TEN & POUNDS.

Once you add the sticker onto your bank note, you can use if to reveal a card value for your favourite routines. Whenever you want to 'make a bet' with a spectator, you can use your bank note, then point out the card value as a revelation!


Here's Ryan Tricks performing his own personal routine with the parallax notes.  

Ryan uses hos own secret method to force a card value, which this is NOT taught in the instructions for Parallax. However, you can use any forcing technique to have a spectator choose a card that matches your Parallax note.

A Svengali deck, Svengali forcing pad, or 'magicians choice technique' are all great ways to force a card value if you don't already have a favourite method. They are also available at MoM.


Parallax £5 Note Hologram


Comes with 4 custom holograms to add to any new UK £5 or £!0 note. 

You receive access to full video download tuition showing you how to apply Parallax to your bank notes.


New £10 note

For the £10 note you will need to trim the gimmick slightly. A complete tutorial is included.