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ORBIT MYSTERIES is a pdf consisting of 2 fun effects with ORBIT gums. The effects included in the PDF are:

ORBITEAR: The performer shows his hands empty & brings forth a pack of Orbit chewing gum. He removes one of the gums, unwraps it & places the gum in his mouth. As an afterthought the performer tears the wrapper into several pieces. He now utters some magic words & instantly the torn pieces are found to mend themselves.

Both of your hands can be clearly shown empty before & after the effect.

ORBIT PREDICTION: The performer brings forth a stack of envelopes & a few slips of paper on each of which is written a number from 1 to 14. The spectator is instructed to fold the paper slips, mix them up & then select any one of them. The performer next introduces a pack of ORBIT chewing gum. He then takes the folded paper slip from the 1st spectator & hands it over to a 2nd spectator. The other paper slips are placed in the top envelope of the stack of envelopes, the envelope is removed, initialled by the 2nd spectator & given to him to hold. The other envelopes are placed aside. The performer now hands over the pack of ORBIT gums to the 1st spectator to hold. The 2nd spectator is now instructed to unfold his paper & show everyone what number has been selected. Suppose, the paper bears the number 7. The 1st spectator is now instructed to open the pack of gum & reveal how many sticks of gum there are inside. Surprisingly, the number of sticks inside the pack is also 7! Now the performer takes a stick of gum & waves it over the envelope held by the 2nd spectator in a mysterious manner. Amazingly when the contents of the envelope are poured out the papers inside are found to have been transformed into gift coupons!

Both the effects are real world workers & quite easy to do leaving you, the performer, to concentrate solely on your performance.

PDF format. 5 pages of instruction with coloured pictures enclosed.