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FREE shipping for orders over £20

Night Flight Deck - By Steve Dela



An amazing pack of cards built specifically for Mentalists by Steve Dela (All About Eve book test - Will To Read)

As a general rule Mentalists don’t need to flourish or fan their cards... 

In mentalism they are supposed to be used as a tool, an accessory and not be the focal point of the routine... No one handed fans, no fancy cuts and no springing from hand to hand… (although they do spring REALLY well).

With this in mind Steve thought "why not produce a casino quality 100% plastic marked deck?” 

Casino Quality plastic cards still spread beautifully across a table! 

They shuffle amazingly well, stay perfectly flat, and the great part is, they last 20-50 times longer than a standard cardboard deck.

This makes the NIGHT FLIGHT DECK the best value for money pack of marked cards on the market today! Doesn’t it? We think so!

This deck can last for YEARS of performances... and, if they do get dirty... you can wash them!

This beautiful pack has been designed by Steve Dela and illustrated by Ade Gower from the ground up. 

They have NOT simply designed a card and added the marks over the top as an ‘after-thought’, as seen with the majority of marked cards.

The great thing about designing the backs this way is that the marks are BIG and yet SO well disguised! Once you know where to look they are REALLY quick to read. Don’t believe us? See for yourself in the photos.


Designed for Mentalists.
PVC cards last 20-50 times longer than a cardboard deck.

Professional ‘Poker/Casino Quality’ plastic cards with matte finish... NOT the cheap shiny waterproof type sold on auction sites.

Designed from the ground up as a marked deck! The marks have been illustrated into the back design and NOT just added as an after-thought.
Super easy to read markings.
Subtle one way back design.
Instantly know whether a card is Red or Black via separate markings.
Beautifully modern yet familiar looking back design.
Normal faces. NO redesigns!
Generic box design. Nothing to indicate that this is a VERY special pack of cards.
55 Card Deck! Extras cards include: 
1 Joker.  1 Special Double Backer Blue/Darker Blue.  1 Double Backer Blue/Red.
High quality laminated tuck box.
Markings explanation card.
Plastic storage box included!


This edition has been designed for mentalists as a marked deck that you can use for years.

What are people saying?….

Steve Cook

"Steve Dela has produced a beautiful deck of marked cards, which should be in the pocket of every discerning mentalist and magician. 

Don't think about buying this deck... JUST BUY IT!! Highly Recommended."


Steve Rowe

"I’ve always struggled with marking systems but this one just takes the biscuit it’s so easy. 

Genius design and such a durable deck. So much you can do with these!”


Steve Haresign

"Produced to an amazingly high standard. I predict these will sell out quickly once word gets around.”


John Horn

"Beautiful, extremely practical, AWESOME!.. The markings are lovely and clear and yet for spectators will be extremely hard to spot, but once you’ve seen them and practised for a matter of minutes you can read them extremely easy and from a fair distance too.”


Rich Gerrish

"I was excited to receive the deck after seeing how they looked online. When they arrived, they were better than expected. They look and feel great.

I have to admit that I was a little bit apprehensive of using a plastic deck. I shouldn't have worried though as they handle really nicely!”

Charlie Dent

"The markings are very clear and I love the ability to know the colours of the cards with ease (red/black). 

I can say is if you are on the lookout for a durable, ‘easy to read’ marked deck, then look no further - 

10 out of 10 for Steve’s new Night Flight deck. Highly recommend.” 


Tom M

"Absolutely amazing quality, finally a marked deck I don’t have to be precious about. It can get put on a wet table, hidden in pockets or bent in spectators hands and will never get damaged. Super quick and easy to read too. Perfect.” 


Sean Carpenter

"I’m really impressed by the Night Flight deck.  Unlike some plastic cards, they handle and spread really well, and the printing is as just good as with a regular deck - no danger of the ink rubbing off.   This is a quality deck that should last for years.”