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NEBULA by Bilal Abidi eBook


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"Good thinking, Bilal!"
- Lior Manor


What is NEBULA?

NEBULA is a principle that allows you to force a playing card, a number (between 1 and 10), or a 3-letter word, seemingly minus any props.

Is NEBULA a new principle?

Although the very core concept is not new, NEBULA is quite different in the following manner -- your spectator is amazed as well as the audience. This was not possible before.

What's the hit-rate on NEBULA? In my experience, the NEBULA force has worked 95% of the time.

Will you need any gimmicks to perform NEBULA? Yes. However, these are very common gimmicks that most magicians should have or at least know about.

What routines are included with NEBULA? There are 4 main routines supplied with NEBULA:

- Spectator as a mind reader routine
- Impromptu Invisible Deck
- ACAAN routine (Any Card At Any Number)
- A 3-letter word force
- Some additional thoughts are also included for routines with Stigmata by Wayne Houchin. Also, you'll learn how you can use this technique to help increase your hit rate if you do routines based on suggestion.


Note: Not for beginners


"What you will be getting is an 8-page pdf (includes a blank page) of instruction. The instructions are concise and easy to follow. He even made sure to break down the process to make sure the reader fully understands. The principles behind the effects are old, but remember that 'old is gold.' Playing around these principles and adding his subtleties, Bilal has managed to create his own routines and it is indeed refreshing to learn this devious method. The creator does provide outs in case of certain situations, except for ACAAN. Basically, the description of the ad is accurate but it really depends on the performer's dexterity in utilizing the main gimmick, and this very much determines the success of the effects. Beginners are not encouraged to buy this effect, unless you've mastered at least the basics of mentalism. NEBULA does open many possibilities for other prediction based effects and I will strongly encourage people to purchase it and modify according to their needs. Overall, I find his work reader-friendly and I believe if properly executed, will play 'bigly.' Is it worth $8.95? Yes, I think it is worth the investment."
- Yan Wei Lau

"This is a solid, simple forcing system. The short eBook details some very clever ways to make this flexible for use beyond cards, and I'm betting that clever application will find use in many other ways. While simple in method, NEBULA does require a foundation of 'performer chops' to make it engaging. It has a unique, intimate element that can easily get inside the mind of the participant and give them a very powerful experience.
"What I found missing was an actual justification for the experience the participant has... but after all, it is the job of each performer to compose their own justification for such things.
"I am very pleased to see how this idea has grown, the connections Bilal has made, and the additions given for NEBULA. An outstanding example of the rewards of politely asking and sharing. While I'm sure some will have tried this system before, the real value here is in the smaller details Bilal includes, which make this a workable solution rather than a magician's fantasy."
- Tom Cutts