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FREE shipping for orders over £30

Mystery Calendar by Hektor (Gimmick and Tutorial)



10 tricks with a single pocket calendar! A whole magic/ mentalism act always with you!

With the Mystery Calendar you can:
- find spectator's zodiac sign and Birthday;
- force different playing cards;
- predict selected cards, numbers, symbols;
- combine it with card tricks.

With the Mystery Calendar you can do also three card/calendar tricks by Peter Duffie:
- Centrifugal diary (Peter Duffie)
- The flexible diary (Robin Robertson & Peter Duffie)
- Freedom diary (Peter Duffie & Also Colombini)

Important points:
• Easy to master and even easier to perform
• Always at hand and ready to perform
• No switches
• No electronics
• No pre setup
• Totally examinable
• Can be always with you

"It looks like an excellent magic/mentalist tool." - Peter Duffie

"Always together – the Mystery Calendar, the Mystery Card and my wallet!" – GoGo Requiem

What you get:
- a special pocket calendar
- instant download as well as printed instructions
- instant download video file with performance